At any moment and at any minute, time lets us know of its passage. Memory happens to be treacherous but it frequently prompts us things and situations which, magnified by mind, live their lives within us. Thus, many a time we deal with splendors having little in common with reality. Is photography solely a recording of a moment? Are we solely the sum of experiences and nothing else? Additionally, everybody may give priority to their own interpretation of the observed world. It is hard to control the objective truth – if it exists, therefore, it is more pleasant to become absorbed by the notes of our own eyes frozen in a snapshot. Photos on this website depict the history of wanderings, not necessarily planned or organized ones. We often go as far as the eye can see: far away from the beaten tracks, so to say sideways to the used pathways and sometimes across fields and meadows. Such is the purpose of this website: to take us to places which will never be famous for their beauty although they are so homely and nice; which no one will write about that they are breathtaking; which seem to be quite ordinary to us. Yet, it is this natural ordinariness, without any plan and the altered skyline that will, perhaps, make us think for a while and show emotion. It will remind us of places we shall never see again or those that do not exist anymore… Being grateful for visiting, we heartily invite you to these regions of our hearts and landscapes of our souls – who knows where they will guide us?